Gnuplot in Action


  • Gnuplot in Ation
  • Understanding Data with Graphs
  • Philipp K. Janert
  • 396 pages
  • Manning Publications (2009)
  • ISBN: 978-1933988399

From the Back Cover:

Gnuplot is an open source graphics program that helps you analyze, interpret, and present numerical data. Available for Unix, Mac, and Windows, it is well-maintained, mature, and totally free.

Gnuplot in Action is a comprehensive tutorial written for all gnuplot users: data analysts, computer professionals, scientists, researchers, and others. It shows how to apply gnuplot to data analysis problems. It gets into tricky and poorly documented areas. You’ll quickly move from basic charts to advanced graphics, mastering powerful techniques like multi-dimensional and false-color plots. You’ll also learn scripting techniques for unattended batch jobs or how to use gnuplot to generate web graphics on demand.

This book does not require programming skills, nor previous knowledge of gnuplot.

Table of Contents:

  1. Prelude: Understanding Data with Gnuplot
  2. Essential Gnuplot
  3. Working with Data
  4. Practical Matters
  5. Doing it with Style
  6. Decorations
  7. All About Axes
  8. Three-Dimensional Plots
  9. Color
  10. Advanced Plotting Concepts
  11. Terminals in Depth
  12. Macros, Scripting, Batch Operations
  13. Fundamental Graphical Methods
  14. Techniques of Graphical Analysis
  15. Coda: Understanding Data With Graphs
  16. Appendix A: Obtaining, Building, and Installing Gnuplot
  17. Appendix B: Gnuplot Reference
  18. Appendix C: Resources